Blockchain Technology : My thoughts

Blockchains being the hotword of the recent times, I feel like conveying my thoughts and understanding as a blockchain developer and researcher, how blockchain technology could disrupt the current system through which the web functions.

This is primarily an analysis article and will not attempt to cover the beginner details. Please get started here and read this to get a deeper developer-level understanding of how blockchains are built and how great they are. To your surprise, blockchains can be simplified down to a basic data-structure - Linked List. Blockchains are essentially the same as LLs with added security algorithms and restricted CRUD capabilities (and that's the essence of it. Now the interesting part of blockchains aren't the cryptocurrencies (that function autonomously and are decentralized), but the technology itself and how it can solve current problems.

This article is incomplete currently and aims to cover the furthur aspects of blockchain like HyperLedger, Casper etc.

::Last written on 15.03.2018 12:31AM::