Guvi Technologies
As a summer intern at Guvi Geek Technologies, we worked on various NLP applications. As an education startup based at IITM RP, Guvi continues to work on B2B projects. With flexible work timings, challenging projects to work on, my sophomore year-end internship was worth it. While NLP is not only limited to text mining, we used deep learning models to ensure high accuracy in our CorrectLy project. We even worked on another interesting project ResXme.

QuillHash Technologies
QuillHash is a very young blockchain startup, with whom I worked for three months, remote. As always, I've had a steep learning curve at QuillHash working with varied technologies starting with Ethereum ÐApp development to contract security analysis, also ranging from full-stack Node.js applications to HyperLedger-based applications. Remote internships are actually quite great, they offer you to be domain-experts working at self-pace, self-determined timings with definitely a good incentive 😉.
SkyLim Infotech Pvt Ltd
At SkyLim, we were perhaps one of the youngest startup teams in Chennai working on building a highly-scalable e-commerce platform with a special focus on a customer's everyday-needs satisfaction. As a Data Exchange Engineer working with the best-of-the-time technology stack (Vue.js + Phoenix + Kafka + microservices), I found my first love with backend web development at my third semester. It was definitely one of the best work experiences in my undergraduation being mentored by Baraneedhara Sir, working with close collaboration with FrontEnd, Security and Machine Learning subteams and interacting with industrial leaders.


Next Tech Lab
We hack, research and achieve at Next Tech Lab, a student-led research lab at our institute. As a blockchain researcher and developer for over a semester now, I have been a associate member of Satoshi Lab; and my current focus continues to be integrating AI with decentralised technologies. The strong deep learning community here also empowers me to research on bleeding edge AI developments in the fields of arts and creativity.

Team SRMSAT is a team of enthusiastic undergraduates from our institute with the aim of launching a nano-cubesat (SRMSAT-II). With students from various engineering disciplines, our team continues to research on how to build a satellite in India fully led by students. As a member of the On-Board Computing domain, my major contributions to SRMSAT-II are Ground Station Satellite-tracking dashboard, Satellite Communication & Health-tracking system. We continue to research on real-time complexity algorithms as well as low-memory μcontroller programming.

Open Source

Brod - Poolboy
Brod is an open-source Erlang-based client for Apache Kafka with excellent scalability and maintenance. To pipe Kafka producers and consumers into the microservices ecosystem of our project, brod was used along with poolboy as the pool-of-workers managing library. brod and poolboy, both being amazing pieces of open-source softwares with each excelling in their respective domains - the necessity of an integration was felt. So, we built brod-poolboy.

Kharagpur Open Source Society is a student-led development team contributing to various for-good projects. They organise Kharagpur Winter of Code every year where we, the student developer community strive our best to contribute to open-source in the semester-break. Last year, I contributed to the full-scale development of GMail Attachment Fetcher and also helped extending Tic-Tac-Toe to C#.


TechGig Blockchain Hackathon 2018
1st Runners-Up

NIPP Blockchain Challenge 2018
FinTech Track Winner