Quill Audits is a smart contract analysis platform provided by QuillHash Technologies. It’s a fully automated platform for getting smart contracts checked for security vulnerabilities as well as efficiency of code. Oyente for Ethereum is currently a trusted automated open-source smart-contract analysis tool. Quill Audits uses tweaked Oyente back-end with other sophistications to analyze contracts under-the-hood and return analysis results. Also, it uses Solidity-Coverage to provide code coverage tools to analyze if there are are redundant lines of code by running unit tests. Often, redundant lines of code are required to be replaced / removed. Quill Audits is powered by Node.js and is an extremely fast and usable tool for smart contract security analysis.

Quill Audits platform provides for manual auditing as well. The platform also provides an escrow platform to request for expert contract auditing at the least bid.

Quill Audits Architecture

I’ve also wrote a Medium article here.