Quickly get your eLab record generated

Usage instructions are documented here.

  • Doesn’t matter if questions are incomplete in between

  • Accepts C, C++, Java, Python as the available options for program evaluation

  • Evaluates only the completed and 100% verified questions

  • Collects all the evaluation reports in PNG format, converts them to PDF and concatenates all the PDFs

  • Single PDF file shareable with classmates to share progress / as final eLab submission report

  • Uses Python library - requests (for getting the reports) and img2pdf (for converting to PDF) instead of (resource heavy and difficult-to-use) Selenium.

  • Response time : 10m (best case)


A demo version is currently live at elabreport.ml. Recommended to use Google Colab for the purpose. The response time isn’t lightning fast because eLab servers are slow!

Find the GitHub repo here.